Who are we?

We are a family that works together to serve the residential real estate needs all over the great state of Ohio.

Glen has been licensed since 2000. After several successful years with RE/MAX, he decided there was a better way. As he tells it, “I was having lunch with a client. He asked, ‘If my home is $400,000 and my brother’s home is $200,000, why do I have to pay twice as much to hire you?’ Honestly, I had no answer for him. That was the moment I decided to try something different.”

So in 2003 in Lima, Ohio, he opened his own real estate brokerage offering flat fee services. Everyone pays the same price, regardless of the value of their home. That same philosophy is true today. We tell you the fees upfront and the fees don’t change based on the value of your property.

As we grew, we expanded from just a few counties to now serving all 88 Ohio counties with the same programs. As we approach our 20th year in business, Glen and his wife Tammie (unlicensed), have served literally thousands of clients–one at a time. These relationships fuel our growth. Our sellers keep coming back to us and sending their friends and family to us. Nearly 85% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals–a fact that we never take for granted.

Eventually, their six children grew up and two of them decided to join the family business. (We are still working on recruiting the other four.)

Justin joined the company in 2019 to help with data processing. He was licensed that year and became a partner in 2020. Today Justin oversees the onboarding of all new listings. He is responsible for designing and launching our “100% Paperless” property listing and update process.  He also handles all builder relations and is our in-house expert on MLS compliance. When he’s not working, Justin likes to spend time writing, playing music, watching really bad movies, and someday, would like to BE Sasquatch.

Taysia joined us in 2020 and completely revamped our social media and branding strategies. Since then she has become the Swiss Army knife–improving and advancing everything she touches. Taysia was licensed in 2021 and is now heavily involved in offer negotiation and contract to close coordination, which involves troubleshooting inspection and appraisal issues. Additionally, she produces our website videos, our blog, and our podcast. In her “spare time”, Taysia enjoys working on her travel website, rescuing animals, and washing her cape.

In addition to his client work, Glen likes to produce training material and create more content through his book, blog, videos, and podcast. While we continue to evolve and learn, his goal is to share as much information as possible with sellers, investors, and agents. He believes we can all get better and the best way to do that is to share experiences and knowledge whenever we can. To stay young, Glen and Tammie like to travel to warm places, cook interesting food, and find new ways to spoil their growing family of pets and “grand” pets.

We can’t wait to get to know you.

What do we do?

We are Realtors. We practice real estate every day and have for over 20 years. The difference is we understand that one size does NOT fit all clients.

We do everything that a traditional real estate company does, but instead of charging 6%, we charge a flat fee based on the services you choose. So for instance, on a $250,000 house, you would normally pay around $15,000 in commissions. With our Platinum package, you would save just over $14,000. If you want to see how much you can save, check out our Slider/Calculator.

In almost every other industry in the world, you pay for what you need. In the real estate industry, you get what you need, but you pay for everything. What’s worse, the more your property is worth, the more you pay. Why is that?

The ad costs the same. The sign costs the same. The web page costs the same. The paperwork, contract, inspections, title work, and closing costs are the same, but you pay more if your property sells for more. That sounds more like a tax.

What if you get a promotion at work and then your doctor starts charging you more. What if you went out to eat and your bill. was based on the value of your 401k? It just doesn’t make sense, but the real estate industry has been getting away with it for decades. Why? Because they can.

Not only do you pay more if your property is worth more, you often pay for services that you can actually do yourself. Somehow…magically…6% of the final sales price of your home just happens to cover the cost of everything involved in selling your property. Seriously? Not anymore. We are changing that for good.

After decades in practice, we’ve found that homeowners are actually better at doing certain things that Realtors usually do. One example–and this is controversial in the real estate industry–is showing the house.

When given the chance, buyers almost always want to talk to the homeowners. Who knows the house better? Who knows the neighborhood better? Who knows the history better? Who knows what that switch in the garage does? The homeowners–that’s who. Why not put buyer and seller together?

Yes, there are various points during the transaction when the buyers and sellers need some expert advice, and we are here for that. But, we have had literally hundreds of deals come together over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table without a real estate agent in sight. It happens all the time and frankly, things are usually smoother.

We give you choices. We give you control to choose from a menu of services.

Check out the listing packages on our Home page and remember, you choose what you do and what we do.

It’s just that simple. No gimmicks. No fine print. You only pay for what you need. No more. No less.

Check out the How It Works page and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

When you are ready, head over to the List My Property page to get started.

How can we do this? Easy. We focus on what we do well, which is Marketing, Negotiating, and Closing. We allow the sellers to help us and that saves us a tremendous amount of time.  We operate 100% virtually, which means we are not spending time traveling. Our sellers handle any activity at the property (photos, room measurements, etc.) Essentially, we do the paperwork, you do the legwork.

The time we save affords us two powerful advantages: focus and cost savings. 

Focus means that we spend our days only on our core activities of marketing, negotiating, and closing. As a result, we process more transactions in a month than most agents will see in several years of business.

As an example, a surgeon who specializes in knee reconstruction or an attorney who only handles adoptions–our specialties are all we do.  This focus allowed us to develop dozens of unique software tools, best practices, and efficiencies, and an unusually high level of experience and expertise.

Cost savings means we can charge a low consistent amount for a specific set of services. Since you choose what services you want, we know the average time involved upfront. Those savings are passed directly to you.

All of this means that you get the best of all possible worlds.
• Control over the services you choose to utilize.
• Our highly experienced team of licensed Realtors.
• A predictable and reasonable fee.



You can sell it — We can help.

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