Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing

6% Is Just TOO Much

Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing

6% Is Just TOO Much
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Ohio Property Group LLC, Real Estate Agent, Ada, OH

“We just got tired of giving away the commission to the Realtors after we did all the work. We would spend months finding and rehabbing these properties; in some cases, the Realtors were making more than we were. It just doesn’t seem fair.”

ohio flat fee mls no 6 percentSound familiar? So many investors and builders have come to us with these exact words. We’ve got nothing but love for the Realtor community to which we belong, but nowhere does it say that all Realtors have to give the same services and charge the same prices to everyone. In fact, something about that just sounds wrong.

Investors and builders are different from retail sellers, and traditional 6% commissions to sell their properties are obsolete. Just like travel agents, stockbrokers, encyclopedias, and taxis, the internet has revolutionized every other industry. Real estate seems to have escaped that revolution–until now. For the last century, traditional agents have been charging around 6% to price, market, negotiate, and manage transactions. Sometimes they give part of the commission to a buyer’s agent–sometimes they don’t. 

There are three basic problems with the traditional model.

  • Issue #1 is the 6% Commission. Why should you pay more to the Realtor just because your property is more expensive? It’s not like our costs go up when the price goes up. In fact, it’s a lot easier to sell a nice expensive home or new build than it is to sell a $75k fixer-upper. The price you pay should be connected to the services performed, not the property’s price.
  • Issue #2 is the generic service level. What if you’re better and more experienced at pricing, showing, negotiating, or troubleshooting than the agent? What if you only want MLS access? Why should you be forced to pay for the full menu of services if you don’t need them or want them? You don’t need a cookie-cutter approach. You need options.
  • Issue #3 is the expertise you’re paying for. Let’s face facts–the average Realtor handles maybe 5-6 deals a year if they’re lucky. When you hire an expert, you expect them to be more experienced and skilled than you. If you sub out a job, that contractor better deliver work that’s at least equal to and hopefully above what you could do yourself. If not, then why are you paying them?

Our system addresses these issues head-on.

  • Flat fee: Instead of paying 6% of the sales price to your Realtor, you pay us a low flat fee and nothing else. If the buyer has an agent and you strike a deal, you control the commission amount for the buyer’s agent. If you find a buyer with no agent, you don’t pay any commissions.
  • Higher ROI: A 6% commission means you are paying $6000 for every $100k of the selling price. You are immediately pocketing half of that by selling with us, even with a buyer agent commission. Even better, you keep that money if there’s no buyer agent. As an example, with a $200,000 property, you’d save over $11,000 but not less than $5000. Check out our slider to see how much you will save every time you list with us.
  • Full control: We give you choices instead of a one-size-fits-all approach like traditional 6% agents. The more control you have over the deal, the less you pay. But whether you just want marketing or you want the full Monty, you will never pay for a service you don’t want. The control is yours.
  • Specialized knowledge: We opened the firm in 2003, and we’ve only done flat fee listings since then. Flat fee listings are our entire business. We don’t dabble in any other areas of real estate. We handle hundreds of flat fee listings every year in every corner of Ohio, and we turn down more business than most agents sniff in a career.
  • State-wide coverage: No matter where you do business in Ohio, we are there. We belong to so many MLS boards that we have single, double, or even triple MLS coverage in all 88 Ohio counties.
  • Hi-tech family: While our advanced technology allows us to be extremely efficient and deliver world-class service, we are still a small family business. There are a few of us here, but we all eat Thanksgiving dinner together. We make fast decisions and address challenges seven days a week.

Check out our HOW IT WORKS page, where we break it all down for you! 

Your ROI is the only reason you are in this business. Giving your money to your Realtor is probably not high on your to-do list. Keep more–a lot more–of your money and work with a firm that specializes in working with you. 

“You should charge more for what you are doing.”

We hear that a lot. We’ll take that into consideration, but for now, please tell everyone you know.  Better service. Higher ROI. More Control. The bottom line is that we don’t do traditional. We are the revolution…and it’s about time. 

So go ahead. Click the “Get Started” button.

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* Assumes 2.5% buyers commission, saving could be substantially greater with no buyers commission.

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  • Homes Sold Through The MLS 80% 80%
  • FSBO Yard Sign/Open House Sign 7% 7%
  • Print Newspaper Advertisement 1% 1%
  • For Sale By Owner Happiness 100% 100%
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