How It Works

How It Works

Welcome to the How It Works video collection. These videos cover a range of topics from signing up for a listing to using ShowingTime. Our goal is to make the home selling process easier and more transparent for homeowners. We hope these videos help answer any questions you may have, but if they don’t you’ll find an FAQ section here

As always you may reach out to us at or by scheduling a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

We are Licensed, We are Local, and We Love Ohio! Glen and Tammie tour their home state while explaining how they do flat fee MLS listings in Ohio.

Have you wondered why so many homeowners are choosing to list their home Flat Fee instead of the usual For Sale By Owner or Traditional Real Estate Agent listings? In this video Glen, from Ohio Property Group and, explains why listing your home or property for a flat fee may be the perfect option for you!

Learn how ShowingTime saves you time and headaches during the showing scheduling process. ShowingTime is included in our Platinum and Gold packages, and you can add it to our Silver package during checkout. If you already have a listing with us, visit our “Listing Upgrade” page to add ShowingTime now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we never charge hidden or surprise fees. We are committed to transparency and since we own the place, we get what we want. We NEVER keep payment information on file. You will NEVER be charged by us for something you did not request. All of our payments are done through encrypted processing making your information completely secure. We also never charge a fee that hasn’t been quoted and agreed to by you. If you change your mind just let us know, and we’ll hit the delete button. We will never obligate you to pay for any service unless it is something you want.

Instead of charging clients 6-7% to list their home, we charge a flat fee for a select set of services. For example, if you have a $250,000 home and sell through a traditional agency, you would probably pay around $15-17,000 in commissions. We will help you with that same home, but only charge you $297-997 depending on which package you choose so you would save $14,000-16,700 with us.

Yes and we belong to the National Association of Realtors. We just choose to do things differently. Rather than charge a full-service commission, we only charge you for the services you need and the fee is not based on the value of your home. All services cost what they cost and we don’t charge people more just because their home happens to be more expensive.

We list our properties ourselves and do not refer any listings to other agents or 3rd Party companies like a lot of other Flat Fee companies do. If it’s in the state of Ohio, we handle it ourselves. If it’s outside Ohio, we won’t take the listing.

To a certain extent, yes. We are required to enter properties in the MLS that is primary to your county. However, certain counties border two MLS systems. In those cases, you may choose your primary MLS during pre-listing. We will alert you if this happens. Also, you may choose to list your property in two MLS’s. If you want to double the exposure, this is a great option. Let us know if you want to know more.

The fact is, almost all real estate websites can only be accessed for listing by licensed real estate brokers and members of the National Association of Realtors. We are licensed and members of all local, state, and national boards of Realtors. This is how we can do what we do. 

We get you access to sites that you cannot access as a non-realtor. Since all the sites we feed to are “Realtor Owned” sites, their rules prohibit me from publicly displaying your name/number. We have 3 ways of helping buyers and agents get in contact with you directly:

1. A buyer contacts my office or me. At that point we get their name/contact information and forward it to you for follow up. We also give them your information so they can contact you directly. This is by far the most common way for a buyer to find you. 

2. A buyer sees your listing online on or any of the other 200 sites we have you on and, like the majority of buyers, they decide to drive by before setting up a showing. When they get there, they see your sign with your number and hopefully a flyer box with your name and contact information. Once in possession of that information, a lot of buyers will simply contact you directly and you take it from there.

3. Your name and number are posted in the MLS in the showing and broker remarks. You are the primary contact for all showings, questions, and offers for the MLS agents and brokers. Agents know to contact you directly. If they happen to contact me, I will repeat #1.

We do this process many times a day and it’s one of the services we provide as part of your listing package. We have also set up 24-hour operators to answer any phone calls about any of our listings—7 days a week, every day of the year including holidays. 

Our goal here is always to help you sell your property while maximizing your savings. 

The MLS is only accessible by Realtors, so you won’t be able to edit your listing directly. We have a nifty website where you can get your changes made quickly and easily. We will make your changes within 48 hours of receiving your request. We also offer a “rush” option for $20 if you’re in a big hurry. It’s like a fast pass—you skip to the front of the line.

Scheduling showings can be a very stressful task. We highly recommend using ShowingTime and the companion My Home app. With ShowingTime, you choose how to receive requests for showings (phone, text, email or push notification), you see the complete contact details of the agent requesting the showing along with the date/time of the appointment. You can approve or decline the showing and even recommend a better time. Our system will not allow double booking so you never have to worry about that. You can add showings to your reminder calendar and even get notified when the showing is over if you like. Also, when the showing is over, our system will automatically request feedback for up to five days. Once we get feedback, it is automatically forwarded to you. There are a dozen other features, but it’s safe to say, this is something you really need. The alternative is like the difference between a jet airliner and a scooter. Yes…we are serious about that.

There sure is! When you list, let us know you’d like to wait a while before listing on our form. We will send you the upgrade form and any additional paperwork required by the MLS so we can enter your listing as Coming Soon. This will not affect your listing time, meaning if you buy a 6 month listing, and wait a year to list, we will still list you for six months.

NOOO. Just kidding. Of course! If you have any questions throughout the process, we will help you out. You can reach us any number of ways. Email, text, call—but for the fastest and most complete response, use the email address at the top of the FAQ sheet. Ask away!

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