Before You Sell

Wondering if you’re fully prepared to sell your home? You’ve come to the right place. This page is designed to give you an idea of our listing process and provide you with plenty of resources to get your home ready to hit the market!

Below you will find suggestions and resources based on where you are at in the pre-listing process. If you have a question you can contact us at or schedule a call here.

Thinking About Selling:

  1. Do your research about all of your options. The three most common ways to sell your home are:
    1. Traditional 6% Real Estate Agent
    2. For Sale By Owner
    3. Flat Fee Real Estate Agent (like us!)
  2. If you’ve elected to list using options 2 or 3 you will need to decide what commission you are willing to offer a buyer’s agent if they bring you a buyer. It can be $3 or 3% or more–you choose. With Option 1, traditional Realtors control how much of your commission to offer local buyer agents. This blog post might help you with this decision.

It’s no secret we are big fans of option 3. This video explains how we’re different and why thousands of Ohioans have become big fans of us over the years.

For more videos like this, visit our How It Works page.

Prepping Your Home

Next up, you’ll look at your home as if you were a new buyer and start deciding what areas may need to be repaired, cleaned, or replaced before you list. This can seem like an overwhelming task, so we’ve compiled must-have resources that will help you get your home ready to list.

  1. Glen’s Blog – this blog is full of resources about this topic, but this post is your quick-start guide to prepping before listing.
  2. Living To Listing: The 10-Day Home Selling Transformation Digital Course – The course includes 75 Lessons, which consist of videos and downloadable checklists and forms. You’ll have everything you need to get top dollar and minimum headaches when you sell your property.
  3. Free Checklists from Glen’s “You Can Sell It” book – This free library, includes checklists, forms, templates, scripts, and resources to keep you organized from prepping to closing. You can also get the entire book here.
  4. Consider professional photography or staging -Considering the technology we all possess at our fingertips, if you’re experienced with your phone camera settings you may not need a professional to take photos of your home, but it can’t hurt. This blog post will give you some insight while you’re making this decision.
  5. While your home is freshly cleaned and beautifully staged because you just finished taking photos, you should write your property description. Remember, buyers tend to first care about location, price, photos, and then the property description, so don’t spend hours on this. This blog post will help you write a killer description in no time.

Great news – you’re ready to move onto the listing step! Meet us below to get a glimpse of our listing process.

Listing With Us

Now that your home is in order, you’re ready to get it sold! Okay, I know you’re excited but you have to get it listed first. 

We’ve outlined the steps in detail below, but we have also compiled some videos that will walk you through the process:

1. Select your listing package. We offer three different tiers of packages on our home page, they are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The video “Choosing your listing package” above details this process. If you need help deciding which package best fits your needs, try out our short quiz!

Ready To List?

2. Once you’ve chosen your package you may be able to choose your MLS coverage. Certain areas cross multiple MLS’ and you can view coverage by county here to decide if you’d like the upgrade.

3. Another helpful upgrade available to you is the My Home Showing Service. This comes with Gold & Platinum listings, but anyone with a Silver package may want to upgrade as it assists with scheduling and tracking showings, helps avoid double bookings, and provides useful showing feedback directly to your phone app or email.

4. Now you’re going to start filling out your listing information. The more detailed information you fill out the more likely your home is going to get in front of the right buyers, so be thorough! We also double check all publicly available information and will message you if anything seems off. Please see the video “Uploading Your Property Data” above if you want a step-by-step walkthrough.

5. During the listing document and photo upload process you’ll be asked for a price. If you would like a walkthrough of uploading your photos, please see the video above “How It Works: Photo upload”. All Platinum listings come with our Broker Price Analysis.  During your listing give the price you are leaning towards if you’re unsure, and we’ll get the analysis to you once we receive your property listing information. You can add this upgrade to Silver and Gold listings when purchasing your listing or check out this blog post for pricing advice.

6. Now that we have your listing information and photos we can send you listing documents and property disclosures to sign. These are signed digitally and the invite is sent via email. It may look like a lot, but here is a quick document breakdown:

  • Residential Property Disclosure and Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: These are legally required to be presented to buyers before they make an offer. 
  • Consumer Guide to Agency: This state-required form explains the agency relationship. Look at this document as an outline for how our brokerage and agents represent you in a transaction.
  • Waiver of Duties: This document goes hand-in-hand with limited service law, which is how we practice flat fee MLS-only real estate. This is a state-required form for all limited-service real estate transactions. The exception is our Platinum Packages do not sign this document.
  • Exclusive Agency Agreement: The Listing Agreement is straightforward. By signing this, you are giving us permission to market your property in the MLS.
  • Affiliated Business Agreement: Most real estate agents and brokers have partnered with title companies to make processing faster and more reliable. You are free to use any title company you’d like. This is just a disclosure of our title company partnership.
  • Commission Addendum: The document spells out for the agent and title company that we are not due a commission at closing, and that you are paying the buyer’s agent at closing. You choose the commission amount that appears on this document.

If you need help navigating the DocuSign process, please see the video above titled “Using DocuSign with”

6. Sit back and let us do what we do best! We will begin processing your information and building your MLS listing. We may reach out to verify some information, but at this point, you will be live within 48 hours unless you requested a later live date or paid for rush service.

  • Worried about how the listing will appear live? Select the “I want to review a draft” option on your listing form and we’ll send you a preview before it goes live!
  • We will email you every step of the way to keep you informed about where your listing is progressing and when it’s live. We will also supply you with a MLS Listing sheet that you can use as a flyer.

As always, if you have any questions you can email us at or schedule a call here. We look forward to working with you!

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