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We believe that great service begins with a great team.

We happen to have the best team ever.

Meet Glen:

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed Ohio broker, Glen has become a seasoned authority in the industry. Having facilitated thousands of successful transactions, he brings a wealth of expertise to every client interaction.

Glen’s journey in real estate began in 2000 as a dedicated buyer’s agent for a prominent RE/MAX team. In 2003, he obtained his Ohio broker’s license and founded a brokerage with a focus on the Flat Fee model, a concept that continues to drive his success today. Taking the company virtual in 2019, he expanded its reach to cover all 88 counties of Ohio, serving clients far and wide.

Driven by his passion for learning and teaching, Glen actively shares his knowledge through various channels. From his engaging blog posts and informative videos to authoring a highly acclaimed book on real estate, he is committed to raising the bar for the entire industry. As a testament to his dedication, he is preparing to launch an exciting podcast catering to real estate professionals and sellers, fostering a community of growth and collaboration.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Glen and his wife, Tammie, embark on year-round travels, immersing themselves in different cultures, embracing warm climates, savoring diverse cuisines, and reveling in the magic of music. Their second home in Puerto Rico serves as a hub for new experiences and cherished memories.

Running a real estate brokerage alongside his wife, their son Justin, and daughter Taysia is the realization of a lifelong dream for Glen. He hopes to one day recruit their other four children into the family business, creating a legacy built on shared values and passion. Gratitude best describes Glen as he considers himself the most fortunate person on earth.

Meet Justin:

A licensed real estate agent with a passion for redefining the industry from a virtual perspective. Since embarking on his real estate journey in 2019, Justin has dedicated himself to helping FSBO sellers list their homes on the MLS, enabling them to maximize exposure to potential buyers. But Justin’s role doesn’t stop there – he also spearheads the design and creation of the technical systems that make listing with us a seamless and hassle-free experience. Despite his creative inclinations, Justin has developed a fascination for data processing, which fuels his drive to revolutionize real estate in the digital realm.

While his days primarily revolve around assisting sellers, processing listings, and ensuring MLS compliance, Justin often immerses himself in website and system design. This flexibility allows us to offer a truly distinctive and fully virtual real estate process.

When Justin isn’t immersed in the world of real estate, you can find him residing in Ada, Ohio, sharing his home with three beloved cats. While he enjoys various hobbies, such as making music, writing screenplays, and having a good time with friends, his favorite aspect of Ohio lies in its diverse weather patterns and unique topography that stretches across the state. With Justin’s expertise and passion, our team is committed to providing an unparalleled real estate experience that blends technology, innovation, and personalized service.

Meet Taysia:

With a passion for real estate and a keen eye for digital marketing, Taysia has been an invaluable member of our team since 2020. As a licensed real estate agent, she plays a pivotal role in assisting with transactions and ensuring smooth operations. But Taysia’s contributions go beyond her professional expertise.

Taysia understands the importance of human connection in an increasingly virtual business world. She goes the extra mile to engage with sellers through social media and provides fun monthly updates and informative emails about the home sale process. Her dedication extends to managing our BBB review site and is the first to get the team excited when a seller shares how happy they are with our services.

Having recently moved to Lancaster, Ohio, Taysia and her husband Andy enjoy exploring southern Ohio’s Hocking Hills Region in their spare time. With friends and family scattered across the state, she’s always on the hunt for exciting local activities in each city she visits. Whether she’s embarking on the self-guided Butler County Donut Trail, perusing the endless shelves of the Book Loft in Columbus, or strolling the gardens of Stan Hywett in Akron, Taysia is always filling her time with some kind of road trip. If you have any must visit places in Ohio or surrounding states she is always looking for recommendations!

Meet Andy:

Andy joined our team in 2022. He is a licensed agent and is our buyer-side agent. You’re likely to talk with him if you’re an investor or are looking for information on purchasing a property.
Andy works with the rest of the team to integrate virtual buyer-agent services. He has worked on developing this program for over a year and believes that the future of real estate is in virtual representation.
Andy lives in Lancaster with his wife (and co-worker) Taysia. They both enjoy traveling across the state and country to find new and exciting activities. When they aren’t busy road-tripping, you can find Andy working on various projects or hiking around the multitude of trails down in the Hocking Hills. He enjoys cooking and baking and is always looking for new recipes to try, so please feel free to share your favorites!
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