Talking Realty
Talking Realty
Glen Whitten

Your ultimate podcast destination for navigating the ever-changing world of home selling. Hosted by Glen Whitten, a seasoned real estate broker with over two decades of experience, this podcast brings together industry experts, seasoned professionals, and successful home sellers to share their insights, strategies, and stories. Whether you're considering selling your first home, flipping an investment property, or curious about the latest real estate trends, Talking Realty has something for everyone. Make Money. Save Time. Avoid Headaches.

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In this episode of Talking Realty, Glen Whitten interviews Andy Chom to discuss the ins and outs of working with buyer agents when selling your home. Andy shares expert advice on navigating negotiations, understanding commissions, and leveraging buyer agents to your advantage. Whether you're a seasoned seller or new to the real estate market, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

In this episode of Talking Realty, Glen Whitten sits down with Kim Julen, a Feng Shui intuitive coach, to discuss how Feng Shui can help sell homes faster and for more money. Kim shares practical tips and insights on how to create a balanced and harmonious environment that attracts buyers. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, Kim's advice is actionable and easy to implement. Tune in to learn how to make your home more appealing and boost your odds of a successful sale.

In this informative episode of Talking Realty, host Glen Whitten sits down with title industry veteran Ryan Phillips, Co-Owner of Associates Title Inc, to demystify the title process for home sellers. With almost 30 years of experience and over 4,000 real estate transactions under his belt, Ryan shares his expert insights into the importance of choosing the right title company, the nuances of title insurance, and how to navigate common challenges sellers face during the closing process.

Show Notes: Talking Realty with Glen Whitten – Featuring Kurt Uhlir You can talk to Glen by emailing him at or book a call anytime.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of "Talking Realty," where Glen Whitten, a 20-year veteran broker and founder of the Ohio Property Group, embarks on a mission to demystify the home selling process. This episode dives deep into the advantages of flat fee real estate services over traditional 6% commissions, illustrating how Ohio Property Group has pioneered a cost-effective, transparent, and efficient way for homeowners to sell their properties. Through insightful discussions and practical advice, Glen aims to equip sellers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the real estate market confidently, save millions in fees, and avoid the common headaches associated with property sales. Discover the future of real estate with Glen Whitten and learn how you can take control of your home selling journey.

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