Platinum Listing Package


Maximize your selling potential with our Platinum Listing Package. Benefit from expert negotiation, professional market analysis, and complete management of all paperwork, ensuring you close on time and with confidence.

When you list with the Platinum Package, our expert team is here to handle all the details, from paperwork to negotiations, ensuring a seamless and successful selling experience. Here’s how we help you achieve your goals:

Market Price Analysis: Receive a detailed market price analysis to price your property competitively and attract serious buyers.
Maximum Photos: Showcase your property with the maximum number of high-quality photos.
No Fees At Closing: Enjoy peace of mind with no hidden fees at closing, maximizing your profits from the sale.
Unlimited Changes: Make as many updates as needed to your listing at any time.
You Set The Buyer Agent Fee: Control the buyer agent fee to attract competitive offers.
Disclosure Forms Included: All necessary disclosure forms are provided, ensuring legal compliance and transparency.
Scheduling & Feedback App: Access to the ShowingTime app allows you to easily schedule showings and receive feedback.
Offer Review & Net Sheet: Get our professional offer review outlining all terms with a net sheet to understand the financial implications of each offer.
Offer Advice & Negotiations: Expert advice and negotiation support to secure the best possible deal.
Manage Contract Deadlines: Stay on track as we manage all contract deadlines for you.
Inspection Negotiations: Assistance with negotiating inspection results to ensure a smooth transaction.
Appraisal Assistance: Support during the appraisal process to ensure your property is valued accurately.
Closing Documents Review: Comprehensive review of all closing documents to ensure everything is in order for closing day.
Listed Until Sold: Your property remains listed until it’s sold, with no time limits.
Cancel Anytime: You’re in control with the ability to cancel the service at any time.

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