Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing

6% Is Just TOO Much

Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing

6% Is Just TOO Much

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“I think paying a 6% commission is a GREAT idea”
-No one…ever 



ohio flat fee mls no 6 percentPaying the traditional 6% commission to sell your property is a thing of the past. Just like with the traditional travel agent, stockbroker, garage sale, cab–you name it–the internet has given us a new way of doing business in just about every industry.

You can see a doctor online. You can buy steak online. You have more information and tools available to you than at any time in recorded history. So why are people still selling homes the same way they did when the horse was still the family car? We don’t know either.

We believe that charging a PERCENTAGE of your sale is more like a tax. Does it actually cost more to sell a more expensive property? Nope. Literally, everything costs the same so why do traditional agents charge more or less just because your property costs more or less? Because they can. Nobody seems to want to challenge the status quo–except us of course. We’re happy to stir things up!

We didn’t invent Flat Fee real estate, we just took it to a new level. Most companies are generalists who happen to offer Flat Fee listings. We specialize in Flat Fee and consulting for home sellers, builders and investors. We are specialists and like all specialists, we have methods and practices that have been tested and proven over many years and countless transactions. 

Check out our famous HOW IT WORKS page where we break it all down for you!

Most sellers only need help with a few critical steps in the home selling process:
• Marketing (MLS and Web)
• Contracts and Paperwork (Offers/Counteroffers)
• Navigating to closing (Inspections/Appraisal)

Marketing: When you are selling a property–you need the whole world to know about it. Putting up a sign is good, but we already know buyers start all searches online. Our MLS access and hundreds of syndication agreements mean that all local, regional and national real estate sites will carry your listing. Additionally, we will advertise directly to all local agents to let them know you are open for business and ready to cooperate if they bring a qualified buyer.

Paperwork: When a buyer or agent comes along, you will be facing 10-25 pages of legal documents. Depending on your level of experience, that may be nothing or it may keep you awake for days worrying. We have seen and negotiated literally thousands of contracts. We know what to look for and how to interpret what the buyer is asking. We also know the best ways to get you what you want to maximize your savings, terms, and net profit. Let us help you with potentially the most important contract of your life.

Closing: Getting a property under contract is wonderful, but keeping it under contract is another matter. As we say, after the wedding, the marriage begins. Whether it’s a tough inspection report, low appraisal, lender delay, title cloud, or any other contingency, we are well-versed in the art of keeping a deal alive, securing backup offers, and getting you to the closing table. We do the worrying for you. Our team and proprietary software monitors all dates, dollars, and deal terms to minimize surprises and headaches and increase your odds of success. Having us in the boat is some of the best insurance you can buy.


The bottom line is that when you choose a Traditional “6%” broker, you are paying for all services–whether you need them or not. We’ve “unbundled” the 6% model and are handing you the choice. Get as much or as little help as you need. After all, why pay for the bells when you only need the whistle?

You can sell it…We can help. 

Ohio MLS Flat Fee Broker List Property On The MLS(Go ahead…you know you want to)

College Fund

Your equity savings can help pay for college.

House Remodel

Use your savings to upgrade your new home.

Wedding Fund

Help pay for the big day with the money you save.

Simple Selling

Sell It Yourself, Save On Commissions…

You can save thousands selling it yourself, but you need exposure.
Don’t give up your equity! $5k, $10k or $15,000+ is alot of money. Working 40 hours a week for 40 years most people in America don’t see money like that.

  • Homes Sold Through The MLS 80% 80%
  • FSBO Yard Sign/Open House Sign 7% 7%
  • Print Newspaper Advertisement 1% 1%
  • For Sale By Owner Happiness 100% 100%
Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing Broker. Save Thousands!