Talking Realty Episode 3: Ryan Phillips on Understanding the Title Process

Talking Realty Podcast Episode: Understanding the Title Process with Ryan Phillips

In this informative episode of Talking Realty, host Glen Whitten sits down with title industry veteran Ryan Phillips, Co-Owner of Associates Title Inc, to demystify the title process for home sellers. With almost 30 years of experience and over 4,000 real estate transactions under his belt, Ryan shares his expert insights into the importance of choosing the right title company, the nuances of title insurance, and how to navigate common challenges sellers face during the closing process.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The Importance of Title Services: Ryan explains the critical role of a title company in ensuring a smooth and secure real estate transaction.
  • Title Insurance Explained: A deep dive into what title insurance is, why it’s necessary, and how it protects both buyers and sellers.
  • Choosing a Title Company: Tips on what to look for when selecting a title company, including service quality, data security, and fee structures.
  • Claims: What happens when someone makes a claim against your property.
  • Fees: Title fees vary widely from different title companies. Sellers must check this out before they list their property.
  • Data Security: Glen and Ryan discuss the downside and expenses of poor data security in title work and how to avoid scams.
  • Service: Ryan discusses how Associates Title approaches customer service in an extremely unique way.
  • Navigating Common Title Issues: Ryan shares strategies for addressing common challenges such as property tax prorations, boundary disputes, and unexpected liens or judgments. He also shares the #1 surpise many post-COVID sellers see.
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Title Services: An overview of how the pandemic has accelerated the move toward virtual closings and online notarization.
  • Property Tax Questions: Since taxes are paid a year after they are due, Ryan discusses how title companies calculate them for closing.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Living to Listing: The 10 Day Home Selling Transformation course, offering strategies to avoid common selling problems. Visit for more information.
  • Associates Title Inc.: Learn more about Ryan Phillips’ title services at Contact via the website’s chat feature or directly at 614-222-2123 to learn more.
  • Ohio Property Group, LLC: Learn more about Flat Fee home selling and how to save thousands of dollars in commissions when you sell. Visit or call (419) 790-3106 to learn more.

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  • Host: Glen Whitten, Broker and Founder of Ohio Property Group. Visit for more information on how to save on your next home sale.
  • Guest: Ryan Phillips, Title Industry Expert and Owner of Associates Title Inc.

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