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Picture of a microphone logo and the talking realty podcast logo for episode 2 with guest Kurt Uhlir and host Glen Whitten where they discuss the recent NAR lawsuits and the ever changing and evolving real estate industry.

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Lawsuits Against Realtors Are Long Overdue

In a monumental shift, home sellers are taking a stand against real estate commissions that have long felt disproportionate and opaque. The recent legal actions against the National Association of Realtors and established brokerages signal a long-overdue call for transparency. This movement isn’t just a tremor – it’s an industry quake reshaping the bedrock of traditional commissions, with implications that could empower sellers like never before. Dive into our comprehensive look at these lawsuits and the pivotal changes they may bring, or watch our detailed video for a closer examination.

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Listen To The Latest Episode: Dive Deeper Into Each Episode Listen to your favorite episode with accompanying video & blog post. Talking Realty Episode 3:

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How It Works

How It Works Welcome to the How It Works video collection. These videos cover a range of topics from signing up for a listing to

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Ohio Flat Fee MLS ListingTake control of your listing and save thousands in commissionsClick Here To Get StartedHow Much Will I Keep At Closing?A personalized

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Flat Fee vs Traditional 6% Model Round 3: Turnover vs. Training

In this post, Broker Glen Whitten of the Ohio Property Group and examines the third big flaw in the traditional Realtor model: The Turnover vs Training paradox. He shows how their firm’s family approach, deep commitment to training, and extreme niche service model keep them ahead of all competition and their sellers in the Sold column.

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Yard sign that says "Realtors...You're welcome. Love, Glen"

I don’t charge 6% to sell homes. Realtors…you’re welcome.

In the wake of a groundbreaking $1.8 Billion verdict against the National Association of Realtors and several large brokerages, I believe they should have called me to the stand.
If NAR lost because the jury felt 6% was the only option, this website,, is the perfect defense. Discover why we feel our model IS the future of real estate and how it saves sellers money, time, and headaches.

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