Talking Realty Podcast Episode 9: Buyers look for reasons NOT to buy

What are we talking about today…

In this episode of “Talking Realty,” Glen dives into the critical topic of why buyers often walk away from seemingly perfect homes. Glen shares a story from the front lines and some insights into the psychology of home buyers, emphasizing the importance of home preparation. He recounts a deeply scarring moment from early in his career when a dirty kitchen drawer cost him a sale, which led to office Truth #4 about how buyers are always on the lookout for reasons not to buy.

Glen also discusses strategies for sellers to eliminate potential deal-breakers and ensure their property stands out in a competitive market. Additionally, he introduces his online course, “Living to Listing,” designed to help sellers prep their homes to perfection and avoid common pitfalls that can delay or derail a sale.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the Episode
    • Welcome to “Talking Realty,” hosted by Glen Whitten
    • Overview of today’s topic: Why buyers look for reasons not to buy
  • Main Content
    • Glen’s personal story about losing a deal over a dirty kitchen drawer
    • The importance of thorough home preparation
    • How buyers filter and narrow down their choices
    • The significance of curb appeal and first impressions
    • Detailed tips on avoiding common home-selling pitfalls
    • Discussion on the impact of small issues on buyer perception
  • Resources Mentioned
  • Closing Remarks
    • Recap of the episode’s key points
    • Encouragement to prep homes thoroughly to avoid giving buyers reasons to walk away
    • Invitation to check out the “Living to Listing” course for comprehensive home preparation
    • Call to action: Share the episode, subscribe to the podcast, and visit for more resources and to provide feedback or suggest future topics
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