Talking Realty Podcast Episode 8: Emotions are expensive

What are we talking about today…

In this episode of Talking Realty, we dive into Office Truth #3: “Emotions are Expensive.” Join Glen Whitten as he shares real-life stories illustrating how emotions can lead to costly decisions in real estate transactions. Whether you’re selling a flip, a new build, or your beloved home, understanding how to manage your emotions can save you thousands of dollars. Tune in to learn valuable strategies to keep your emotions in check and make smarter real estate decisions.

Show Notes:

Episode Title: Emotions Are Expensive

Host: Glen Whitten, 20-year broker and founder of The Ohio Property Group

Key Points:

  1. Introduction to Office Truth #3: Emotions can lead to costly decisions in real estate.
  2. Real-Life Example 1: A seller loses $30,000 due to fear and anxiety.
  3. Real-Life Example 2: Handling lowball offers and the importance of a professional negotiator.
  4. Managing Emotions: Strategies to control your emotions and make rational decisions.
  5. The Role of a Broker: How a professional broker can act as a buffer and help you navigate emotional decisions.
  6. Importance of Clear Communication: Avoiding direct communication with the other party to prevent emotional slip-ups.

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Sponsor: The Ohio Property Group – A family-owned brokerage serving all 88 Ohio counties with realtor services.

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