Talking Realty Podcast Episode 7: If it isn’t selling, it’s overpriced.


In this episode of Talking Realty, Glen Whitten dives into the second truth of real estate: “If it’s not selling, it’s overpriced.” Learn why pricing strategy is crucial for home sellers and how to adjust your listing price to attract buyers and close deals quickly.


  • Welcome to Talking Realty with Glen Whitten, broker, and founder of Ohio Property Group.
  • Recap of Truth #1 from the previous episode.

Main Topic:

  • Truth #2: If it’s not selling, it’s overpriced.
  • Discussion on the importance of accurate pricing in real estate.
  • Real-life experiences and anecdotes from Glen’s career.

Key Points:

  1. Price vs. Value:
    • The role of pricing in selling a home.
    • Common seller fears about overpricing and underpricing.
  2. Market Indicators:
    • Interpreting market data: views, clicks, saves, and showings.
    • How to adjust pricing based on market feedback.
  3. Case Studies:
    • Examples of overpriced homes and the impact on sales.
    • Strategies to correct pricing and attract buyers.
  4. Effective Marketing:
    • The importance of truthful marketing and listing descriptions.
    • The “one-two punch” strategy for price adjustments and open houses.

Resources, References, and Links:

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