Talking Realty Episode 3: Ryan Phillips on Understanding the Title Process

In this informative episode of Talking Realty, host Glen Whitten sits down with title industry veteran Ryan Phillips, Co-Owner of Associates Title Inc, to demystify the title process for home sellers. With almost 30 years of experience and over 4,000 real estate transactions under his belt, Ryan shares his expert insights into the importance of choosing the right title company, the nuances of title insurance, and how to navigate common challenges sellers face during the closing process.

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Flat Fee vs Traditional 6% Model: Round 1

In a new series, we break down the fundamental flaws with the Traditional 6% real estate model and compare it to the Flat Fee Unbundled approach used by the Ohio Property Group and Come along for the ride and see why change is on the horizon.

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I don’t charge 6% to sell homes. Realtors…you’re welcome.

In the wake of a groundbreaking $1.8 Billion verdict against the National Association of Realtors and several large brokerages, I believe they should have called me to the stand.
If NAR lost because the jury felt 6% was the only option, this website,, is the perfect defense. Discover why we feel our model IS the future of real estate and how it saves sellers money, time, and headaches.

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Talking Realty Episode 1: Maiden Voyage, Changing Real Estate

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Talking Realty,” where Glen Whitten, a 20-year veteran broker and founder of the Ohio Property Group, embarks on a mission to demystify the home selling process. This episode dives deep into the advantages of flat fee real estate services over traditional 6% commissions, illustrating how Ohio Property Group has pioneered a cost-effective, transparent, and efficient way for homeowners to sell their properties. Through insightful discussions and practical advice, Glen aims to equip sellers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the real estate market confidently, save millions in fees, and avoid the common headaches associated with property sales. Discover the future of real estate with Glen Whitten and learn how you can take control of your home selling journey.

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Lawsuits Against Realtors Are Long Overdue

In a monumental shift, home sellers are taking a stand against real estate commissions that have long felt disproportionate and opaque. The recent legal actions against the National Association of Realtors and established brokerages signal a long-overdue call for transparency. This movement isn’t just a tremor – it’s an industry quake reshaping the bedrock of traditional commissions, with implications that could empower sellers like never before. Dive into our comprehensive look at these lawsuits and the pivotal changes they may bring, or watch our detailed video for a closer examination.

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New Year – New Look: How to market your home to sell in 2024

Kickstart your 2024 home selling journey with insights from Glen Whitten, an experienced Ohio MLS flat fee real estate broker. Discover why the so-called ‘January freeze’ in real estate is a myth and how early preparation can lead to a successful sale. Learn about the consistent rise in Ohio home prices despite market challenges and get practical tips for refreshing your listing. Utilize our comprehensive Seller Success Library and exclusive digital course, ‘Living To Listing: The 10-Day Home Selling Transformation,’ to make your home selling process smoother and more profitable.

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Shock and Awe marketing: How to advertise your home when selling

Discover the dynamic world of “Shock and Awe” marketing in real estate and learn how to catapult your property into the spotlight. Uncover the power of pummeling the market with your property’s presence, triggering a Buyer Feeding Frenzy that drives top dollar offers. Explore the Flat Fee MLS approach that combines full marketing prowess with cost savings, giving you the ultimate control over your home selling process. Don’t settle for a slow wade into the pool—dive into immediate and shocking marketing to achieve maximum market value for your property.

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Are the local Realtors boycotting me?

Learn from my mistake: overpricing a property can lead to months of frustration. Embrace accurate pricing and adapt to attract motivated buyers quickly. Time is money. For pricing tips and a market report, explore our free Realist® Report.

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